Strategy & Structure

Gaia Leadership helps organisations to enable efficient interaction between the “hard” and the “soft” – between structure and culture

To meet our clients’ needs, we offer services in three different areas:

Vision to action

The connection between the vision, goals, strategies and action plans is often felt to be unclear. That’s why we help our customers with all the stages involved in implementing their business and organisational plans:

  • Analysis of the current situation and the external environment
  • Develop powerful visions
 – Set strategic goals and strategies
  • Draw up action plans in line with the set goals and strategies

Organization and governance model

Unclear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities lead to the downfall of the organisational culture. Or just create a really bad one. An organisation therefore needs to clarify the responsibilities and accountabilities connected to different roles for its own long-term survival. We help our customers to:

  • Analyse the existing organisation
  • Understand alternatives and take decisions on the most suitable organisational solution
  • Define the responsibilities and accountabilities connected to different roles
  • Determine KPIs that will help steer and develop the organisation
  • termine internal ways of working and business etiquette
  • Establish a decision making processes

Planning and follow-up

Developing the annual strategic plan – coordinating and deciding when decisions and activities need to be implemented, based on a holistic business perspective – is a challenge for most organisations. At Gaia Leadership we help our clients to develop their annual planning cycle so that the whole organisation can input and feel involved, because support for a good plan is not gained when it has been written, but while it is being developed. Ultimately the plan should be an enabler to a strong business performance – not a barrier.
Gaia Leadership’s consultants have considerable experience in both supporting organisations as consultants, as well as experience gained from their own leadership roles in the private and public sectors. In other words, we adopt a business savvy, pragmatic approach when helping our clients to develop the effective processes that will enable robust business plan development. We understand that the company culture and structure must work in harmony if an organisation is to create a long-term, sustainable plan, and can help you to achieve this.

Please contact us for a discussion about our experience in organisational design and development.

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