Management Development

“Surveys show that only 25% of the members of a management team feel that they represent the whole business”

Surveys show that only 25% of the members of a management team feel that they represent the whole business, while the rest feel that they represent their department or function.

Changing this perspective, so that they see themselves, and other team members, as representatives of the whole business will make the team more effective.

The management team is a manager’s most important resource for achieving results. We use a number of starting points when we develop management teams:

  • The team’s role and task.
  • How the team works strategically and operatively.
  • The team’s work over the business year.
  • The team’s ability to communicate and cooperate.
  • The team’s interaction with the rest of the organisation.

In our experience, sustained results are achieved when the structure of the business supports, and is supported by, a strong, well-established culture. All too often there is little connection between vision, values and the way the business is run. We know that culture and structure must be balanced for an organisation to be successful. The individual, the culture, the processes and the organisation need to make up a whole for the organisation to grow and develop.

We often encounter the view that it is an individual’s job to support the success of the team. In our experience, the most successful teams also live the philosophy that the team must support the individual. That the team cannot succeed unless its members are successful, and vice versa.

The need for the management team to work effectively grows out of the complex challenges faced by organisations of today. As complexity increases, so does the need for a team culture that is characterised by a holistic approach; a focus on results rather than hierarchy and individual prestige. To succeed, every team member must possess self-insight and be able to handle and exploit their own strengths and ambitions.

We work with management teams in both the private and the public sector. Our model is a combination of seminars and individual coaching with a strong link to the customer’s business/organisation and activities.

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