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integrerad”The leading edge of management development is moving away from robotic rationalism and rediscovering the timeless wisdom underlying true leadership and creativity.’ (*)
*) Professor David Peters, Centre for Resilience, University of Westminster, London

At the same time there is a high level of stress-related illness, ‘burnout’ and depression among managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.
This weekend course is aimed at managers, specialists, consultants or any professional who would like to:

  • learn and understand the scientific basis of resilience; boost the capacity for peak performance
  • learn how to recognize and manage early signs of ill-health; recover more rapidly from stress
  • explore the strengths and weaknesses of your own nervous system; discovering authenticity and how to grow it
  • identify non-conscious processes and behavior in order to enhance choice and control; stay centered amidst chaos, and maintain clarity where there is conflict
  • learn how to harness positive body-states to optimize health, creativity and organizational performance – going beyond ‘managing from the head alone’
  • Parallel discoveries in fields of neuroscience and evolutionary biology reveal how thoughts and feelings interweave. Most important is how negative body states and feelings arise, which can sabotage our creativity, clarity and resilience, and undermine our wellbeing and health. Yet positive body states and feelings can also be harnessed to our great benefit if we learn to access them, comprehend them and practice the necessary awareness.

    The creativity and buoyancy of resilient people makes organizations more productive and sustainable.

    Program leaders

    About Bevis Nathan
    Bevis is an educator, osteopath and somatic experiencing (SE) practitioner with a special interest in ‘disorders of overwhelm’ – that is, ill-health caused by fatigue, stress and trauma. He has taught widely in England and abroad, and his textbook Touch and Emotion in Manual Therapy is required reading in schools of osteopathic and chiropractic bodywork.
    Together with his wife, he runs the Nathan Jensen Clinic in Bath, England, specializing in helping those with chronic pain, psycho-somatic disorders, post-traumatic stress and fatigue syndromes.
    His career was dramatically influenced by his experience in the 2004 tsunami whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka. He and his family were on the beach when the tidal wave arrived and were all engulfed by the sea. But they all miraculously survived, unlike so many thousands of others. He immediately re-trained in traumatology to deepen his understanding of how the human nervous system deals with stress and threat, and can be made resilient.
    Bevis is member of New Medicine Group, an avant garde and unorthodox team of physicians specializing in persistent and difficult medical problems, chronic pain syndromes, and illness caused by stress, trauma and overwhelm. New Medicine Group operates from the London Medical Centre in London’s Harley Street – the world’s no. 1 destination for excellence in health care.

    About Shiven Holmgren
    Shiven is a former Swedish Navy Officer, ambitious and curious he graduated top in his class at the Naval Academy only to find that being the best is not worth much if balance in other parts of life is not present. He got interested in meditation and saw the importance of self-awareness and consciousness for people wishing for a more balanced life. He studied meditation and therapy in India, re-trained as a therapist in Denmark and has travelled and worked extensively in different countries and with different cultures. He is in many ways a pilgrim with a career that spans from working as a thatcher in Denmark to Sales Director in Information Technology.
    Shiven is a partner in Gaia Leadership as of 2012 and works with coaching high-level executives, team-development and leadership consulting.

    How they work

    Bevis and Shiven met while they both were enrolled in studies in Traumatology in London 2006-2009.
    They both find the search for what it means to be a leader in today’s world fascinating and deeply meaningful. In their workshops they actively encourage the exploration of seemingly opposites in the human being, the yin and yang, strategy and spirituality, humor and business and much more – integrating Performance and Health!

    Date and venue for start of next programme
    7-9 Oktober 2016, in Stockholm.

    Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, 4 tr, Gaia Leadership.
    5 minutes walk from the Central station.

    Will be held in English.

    Application and registration
    Click on the Apply button under this link.
    To sign up please sign up no later than 7th September by clicking on Apply:

    Mail to: or call +46 (0)8-459 77 80.
    Shiven Holmgren +46 (0)72-336 74 00.

    Target group
    This weekend course is for those who work as a managers, specialists, consultants or for those who want to explore and prevent burnouts and optimize the health and get effective tools to help themselves.

    Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, 4th floor, 5 min walk from Central Station at Gaia Leadership AB.

    Food and lodging not included, a wide variety of hotels and restaurants nearby as the venue is situated in the absolute center of Stockholm.
    Coffee, tea and snacks are provided.

    Start: Friday 7th of Oktober at 17:00
    Friday 17:00 – 20:00
    Saturday 09:00 – 17:00
    Sunday 09:00 – 16:00
    Finish: Sunday 7th of Oktober at 16:00

    11.900 kr ex VAT. Food and lodging not included, a wide variety of hotels and restaurants nearby as the venue is situated in the absolute center of Stockholm.

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