Torbjörn Skymning, Sweden

“Sharing in the success of my clients is the best thing about my job”

I have worked as a leadership consultant and coach at Gaia Leadership since 2004. I particularly appreciated working with clients who want to develop their businesses by adopting a new and more proactive leadership philosophy.

I previously worked for many years with training programmes in leadership, communication and sales. Regardless of how good the programme was, I often felt that it was outside the business – that what we were working on was not really connected to the participants’ everyday work. This is no doubt why I feel very much at home with the way we work at Gaia Leadership, where leadership and business development are integrated. Another reason why I joined Gaia Leadership is that I get to work with interesting clients together with exciting colleagues who have wide experience of leadership.

I believe that deep down we as people always want to make a contribution, especially to an important cause. Employing the basic premise that every individual is a leader, we create a strong platform for achieving important things in our lives. We feel good when our personal leadership develops and it leads to fantastic results. In the last 12 months, I have had the pleasure of following individuals, management groups and organizations who have decided in no uncertain terms to achieve something out of the ordinary – and sharing in their success is the best thing about my job.

Torbjörn Skymning
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2004