Sven Nylander, Sweden

”A leadership with heart and soul.”

My journey started through competition where the physical performance was more or less everything. During 15 years I was one of the best hurdlers in the world with the athletic stadium as my workplace. During all these years my own “leadership” was constantly under scrutiny and the insights from these challenges made for an exciting steppingstone into a continuing search for the optimal leadership. I have after completing my athletic career worked with individuals and groups for more than 20 years. I often reflect that the challenges that people face in their leadership are timeless and are more or less the same that I faced during my athletic career.

For me is Gaia Leadership a leadership beyond the traditional leadership where we normally ask questions like when, what and how do I lead myself and others? My passion for leadership is that we first and foremost ask why and who am I in my leadership? These questions are the core offer to our customers and the surrounding world. The answers from why and who goes beyond the traditions and the intellect where the whole is taken into account. The questions welcomes a larger leadership, where emotions and presence are invited.

Sven Nylander
Partner of Gaia Leadership since 2016