Sofie Rydåker, Sweden

“Leaders who dare to reveal the person behind the mask succeed in the long run.”

I believe in leadership and coworkership that are built on good relations, personal leadership and a holistic view. Working with individuals who want to examine in depth what they really want to stand for as leaders and from that create results both for themselves and their organisation is a great thing about my work.

I have been working as a leadership consultant, coach and mentor since 1997, developing managers, co-workers and organisations. Working close to the customer and really getting to know their business and challenges, is for me an important part of achieving the desired results. Though I have spent much of my life living outside Sweden, it has made it easy for me to learn about other cultures and understand the importance of differences. Working with transformational processes, with projects to develop visions and values, and with management group development, adds great variety to my job and above all makes it incredible fun and rewarding.

My years as a leadership consultant combined with my earlier experiences, mainly from the media industry, has made me convinced that communication – which for me is about influencing and allowing oneself to be influenced – is an important ingredient of success. Leaders who dare to reveal the person behind the mask succeed in the long run.

Sofie Rydåker
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2005