Sari Vuohtoniemi, Finland

“Releasing the true potential of people and organisations”

I believe that good self-awareness and ability to lead oneself are important for everybody but vital for being an authentic and successful leader. For me successful leaders are the ones who make it possible for everyone to flourish, while being aligned with common vision.
Nothing at work gives me more joy and fulfilment than to support and challenge people to achieve what they truly want, to release their true potential. It often demands becoming aware of, and overcoming, not only inner but also outer obstacles. I am committed to achieving profound change at both the individual and organisational levels. I strive to develop emotionally intelligent, meaningful and successful working cultures.

During the past 14 years I have had the privilege to deliver and lead hundreds of leadership development programs and change processes, in a multitude of industries, at all levels with more than 1.000 hours logged in coaching leaders and executives. I have worked both as an external service provider, and internally in large international companies, with roles ranging from consultant, coach, development manager, vice president, and CEO of my own company. My clients have appreciated my ability to focus on the most crucial issues, and my inspiration and positive energy that I bring to everything I do.

I am Social Psychologist, BBA, and studied several tools and methods e.g. ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Management Work Counsellor, Enneagram Teacher, DiSC Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner.

Gaia Leadership is now expanding in Finland. We want, together with our clients, to develop organisations, where inner driving forces of people are in the best way connected to organizational goals and vision. Contact us and let’s open together new paths for both internal and external growth!

Sari Vuohtoniemi
Country Director, Finland &
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2014