Rosemary Waher Schennings, Sweden

“I bring strength to the development processes”

I am a person who is driven by challenges, meeting people and creative development processes. I like to be involved in contexts where I can combine experience with new approaches. How can people find the motivation to work in the same direction and use their combined strength to attain common goals? I tried to find the answer to this question early in my professional career, which gave me opportunities to educate myself in different areas and take on challenging assignments. I now have many years of experience as a manager of various kinds, including school principal, training manager and managing director at Fryshuset’s training section. I have worked with development processes throughout my career, and have trained and supervised managers, leaders and teams. My focus has been on the involvement of everyone in the organisation to achieve optimum results for both the organisation and the individual.

I’m a naturally happy person, both at work and in my private life. My family is a fantastic source of joy, and we try to travel and experience as much as we can together. Our country homes provide excellent opportunities to cultivate our creativity in never-ending renovation projects or just spend lazy days recharging our batteries.

My goal as a leadership developer is to help you and your business to achieve exceptionally good results. My approach is to use dialogue with you or your team to make things visible and to challenge you, and – through my experience and knowledge – to give you and your business the best possible opportunities to develop.

Rosemary Waher Schennings
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2012