Nina Karlsson, Finland

“A picture is worth a thousand words. I love bringing out the best in everyone and support their growth also with visualisation.”

I have been involved with leadership and organizational development throughout my working life. My passion is to develop people – help them to find their best potential and guide them into their best performance. My career has included various leadership positions – over 15 years by now, so it is very convenient to continue my career with supporting leaders.

I love working with people and my experience as HR professional has given me a lot of tools to continue this valuable work. I’m a Certified Business Coach (ACC) and the coaching attitude is the way I like to work in everything I do. Different personalities inspire me and I get motivated for inspiring people as well as helping them to find their own potential.

Visualizations and illustrations are strongly present in my work. I do visual coaching, graphic facilitating and illustrations. One way to get learning more effective. My passion is to make this work life more inspiring, meaningful and help everyone to find their passion!

Nina Karlsson
Partner of Gaia Leadership since 2017