Mikael Malmgren, Sweden

“Everyone is a leader”

When an individual views himself as a leader great things tend to happen, creativity is unleased, personal growth and the result unexpectedly good. To assist our customers in this journey gives me energy and a strong sense of purpose.

For me leadership starts with the individual knowing her own inner motives, goals and dreams. Who welcomes failure as a chance to develop, and who views others as heroes and not obstacles. Leaders are those who with a strong inner mission and vision, who inspires others to embark on something greater than themselves.

Within a company this can take form of the individual viewing himself as an own company within the company, whose chance of success depends on how well his organization succeeds. For this to happen the individual must fully understand his boss and or the company’s needs, possibilities, mission, and values. At the same time the boss or the company must invest in the individual development and growth. When this happens magic tends to happen and the result, unexpectedly good.

My own professional experience includes business leader and CEO, management consultant, various line manager roles (business development, sales, business control and marketing) and as well member of various board of director positions.

Since 2016, I am Managing Partner Stockholm, leadership consultant and coach at Gaia Leadership. If this sounds interesting, maybe we could be your partner.

Mikale Malmgren
Managing Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2016