Micael Mathsson, Sweden

“Managing complex projects energizes me”

It was in the context of sport that I first observed the connection between individual development and team success. Since then I have seen evidence of it a great many times in in a whole variety of organizations I have worked with. Miracles can occur when every person unleashes her inner dynamism. This results in creativity, a happy workplace and greater efficiency. The organization consequently achieves extraordinary results. I am eager to help individuals and their organizations to achieve challenging goals. This is why in my interaction with Gaia Leadership’s clients; I work not only with strategic leadership but also with personal development. I am convinced that the key to successful leadership lies in the interface between these two spheres.

In 1998, I founded Gaia Leadership and today I work as a coach for leaders and managers and with longer leader and management group development programmes – often linked to major change projects. Recently, I have been responsible for our change and development assignments at the Swedish Coast Guard, Riksteatern (The Swedish National Theatre), the National Board of Health and Welfare and Valio.

Creating dynamism and energy in an organization, watching people and organizations grow and develop are important driving-forces in my work. I am at home in the role of teacher and teach mostly leadership at institutes such as the IHM Business School. Managing complex projects such as workshops and major events for our customers are other examples of things that energize me.

Micael Mathsson
Founder of Gaia Leadership