Markus Östlund, Sweden


“Motivation is a great driving force when fully utilized”

The world around us is changing faster and faster, and companies and organizations need to manage their employees’ inherent power, motivation and personal leadership.

Myself, I really like challenges and ‘difficult’ problems. The solution often lies in building on the existing, transforming and developing. And sometimes to revolutionize. I have on many occasions helped companies and businesses in situations where the changing environment has demanded a total transformation. I personally like when people and organizations changes and develops and I love it when they succeed.

I have experience as line manager from several major multinational groups and as a consultant for a number of successful consulting companies. I also have experience as an entrepreneur and have personally started companies from scratch on several occasions. In these different roles I have learned that there is great power in unifying individuals and organizations in their goals. It has become one of my greatest strengths to have experience of so many different organizations and roles. I use this in the development of management teams, individuals and in change management.

The key to make organizations and business succeed is really the people in them.

Markus Östlund
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2017