Mark Manley, United Kingdom

“The right to be inspired by what we do.”

My purpose or my “why” is to inspire people to take personal responsibility and therefore make stuff happen in their lives. I have a core belief that all of us, regardless of our position in an organization, or the sector our organization operates in, all of us have the right to be inspired by what we do. Yet too often my experience tells me that we allow others to inhibit us, to divert us and to defeat us.
As a result I work closely with both individuals and groups, to support them in finding where they can have greater influence and control. Where can they be the most powerful versions of themselves, whether as individuals or as a collective? This is what excites me.

My inspiration for this comes from my 22 years at the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and my 8 years working as an independent leadership coach, facilitator and trainer.

Having gained a degree from Lancaster University in Applied Social Sciences in 1984, I started my career at the Wellcome Foundation – a mid-sized pharmaceutical business. There I quickly found myself in junior management positions and became increasingly frustrated by the lack of structured management development. I managed to secure a secondment into the management training team just as Wellcome merged with Glaxo. This opened up huge possibilities for me, including the establishment of a highly successful internal coaching network across the UK Sales and Marketing business. Then as GlaxoWellcome transformed into GSK, I had the opportunity to lead the management and leadership development programme for the UK pharma organization.

In 2007 I chose to test myself outside the world of pharmaceuticals and began a new career as an independent consultant. I have had the immense pleasure of working with amazing clients such as the BBC, Skanska, AstraZeneca, British Telecom, T Mobile, Centrica, NHS, Legal & General, Aviva, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Unilever, AngloAmerican, Southampton University amongst others. I have worked as a coach with individuals and teams at all levels, facilitated team development interventions and designed and delivered global leadership programmes.
Moving to Gaia Leadership feels like the natural next step in my career as I look to further my purpose. For me, Gaia Leadership provides an invigorating, supporting and challenging home, where collectively we can bring about a meaningful and lasting change.

Mark Manley
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2014