Mari Hedberg, Finland

”The key factor in any organization is the people it consists of.”

The key factor in any organization is the people it consists of. Engaging and empowering human capital in changes and creating ownership for ones work are the true enablers of success. This is what I have been working on with my clients for the last 20 years, both in corporate level change programs but also with developing start-ups and middle-sized organizations.

Working at Accenture gave me insight into larger corporates, especially in Talent Management area. Creating talent within organization doesn’t only happen in training and development actions. It is a part of a cycle from employee induction to retention, resourcing and workforce environment and structures. It should actualize the business strategy. When the cycle is working well, it creates a fruitful flow of talent, benefitting both individuals and the company.

In supporting our people, the human resources function and daily leadership play major roles. How the company HRM is arranged and how it serves managers in their tasks cost efficiently, are questions many organizations face currently. Having worked in HR operational role and as manager I understand the challenges from both sides. When defining HR processes we need the both angles, with company finances in mind. And outsourcing btw, is not the only solution.

The neuroleadership approach has given my work a basis for understanding human behavior and structure for HRD and change acceleration. Why is it so hard to change our habits? Why don’t our people like the planned changes, even those that have been well defined and communicated? How can we enhance individual learning? Our brains both create opportunities and challenge us with limitations. By understanding this framework, we can interact more efficiently and engage people to our shared visions.

There are no methods that fit all organizations without tailoring. Consulting ready toolboxes are useful, especially in change implementations and process development. Yet I am strong believer of practical, common sense solutions that are implemented in an agile way and kept lean. Skip the first prioritizing analysis of work, and you end up wasting money and missing targets. Spending some extra time in planning pays always back, but dwelling in preparations never gets anybody anywhere. Enabling quick wins and building on first success smoothens the process and ensures results. That is how I like to work, soon into action but with thought.

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Mari Hedberg
Partner in Gaia Leadership Finland since 2014