Lennart Koskinen, Sweden

“Ethics can’t be taught – ethics can only be learnt”

Everyone is constantly talking about growth. I am too. But I don’t talk primarily about economic growth, but about human growth. Growing from within, liberating new sides of yourself, becoming more aware of your deepest driving-forces, becoming more responsive and showing greater empathy for the people you have contact with: your coworkers, customers, family and friends. Inner growth unchains our creativity and helps us to see what’s really important and to dare to put what’s less important to one side. Inner growth is also a precondition for proactive leadership which enables those around you to grow. And this also leads to economic growth with individual citizens and society working together in harmony with the environment. More and more people are now feeling a need to go deeper into CSR issues.

I have been described as a “professional fellow human being” and have worked vocationally with people for 40 years. As an educator, sounding-board, spiritual welfare worker and lecturer – coach. I have many years’ experience of being a manager myself, as Director of the Church of Sweden’s Working Life Institute, as a cathedral dean and most recently as a bishop for, among others, the Church of Sweden Abroad. I am a professor of ethics and my pedagogical principle is: “Ethics can’t be taught – ethics can only be learnt”. There is no more practical tool than a sound theory, and when such theoretical models are applied to concrete problems and situations, a deeper understanding emerges, which is a source of pleasure to me both as a leader and a private individual. When the values of a company or organisation match your own, you can be involved and build the company’s soul and with it a culture and work environment that promotes everyone’s interests. But sometimes you need a little help on the way.

You are seldom strong when you’re alone. Being a partner at Gaia Leadership means that you become part of a colossal bank of skills. Here you can throw ideas around and receive daily replenishment. Gaia customers always obtain access to a far greater wealth of knowledge and experience than they ever dreamed of. A realization that the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts has become especially clear to me in my work with Gaia Leadership.

Lennart Koskinen
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2013