Lars Lagerstedt, Sweden


The significance of people’s commitment to an organization became apparent when I was participating in a government enquiry entitled “Future iron and steelworks” in the 1980s. I came into contact at that time with businesses that wanted to great, unique success by providing the coworkers with the conditions needed to feel commitment to the development of the organization. I was inspired by seeing and understanding more of the enormous potential possessed by people in their commitment, accountability and creativity; a potential that can also be crucial to a company’s competitiveness and success.

I deepened and expanded my perspectives in this and found that coworker groups that commit to human value, develop their interpersonal processes and are capable of seeing their tasks in a wider perspective strongly enhance the benefit for organizations and customers.

These two dimensions have pervaded my work in companies and public administrations regardless of whether it has been about the working method and communication of the management group, about leadership or about workplaces that wish to increase both productivity and job satisfaction.

Gaia Leadership:

Lars is a very experienced leadership developer with considerable knowledge about personal and interpersonal issues. Lars also has substantial knowledge about the development of organizational structures and processes. This combination is precisely what Gaia Leadership and our customers are looking for.

“Lars has already made a contribution to our business development and the team and we wish him a very warm welcome.” – Johan Grip, President.