Kristina Hagström, United Kingdom


“What you focus on will grow”

My motto in life is “What you focus on will grow”. The older I get the more amazed I am of the power of our mind… the thought, our focus and how it can shift a situation that seem to be stuck. I have always been interested in how I as a leader can motivate and empower my team to generate results and achieve goals, to be a leader that has positive energy, the ability to energize others, find talent to execute and generate individual and company growth.

There are many avenues where I feel I can bring value from my sales and business development background, with my experience of solution selling, but more important is that I had the privilege of learning from some really great mentors, who taught me to look for the potential and focus on the positive in everything I do.

My inspiration comes from my 21 years of management in international organisations such as EDS, IBM, Sun Microsystems and FältCom and my 6 years working with start ups as the founder and independent leadership coach and non executive board work.
To improve my leadership skills I decided to study psychology to deepen my knowledge and to learn what it really means to show our vulnerability, courage, shame and self worth, as I’ve come to believe that leadership has more to-do with anyone who can hold them self-accountable for finding potential in people and processes and less with position, salary, or number of direct reports.

Moving to Gaia Leadership is a natural next step in my career as I look to further my purpose. Before joining Gaia she worked as the MD for FältCom UK, Sales Director for EDS Sweden, Sales and Marketing manager for IBM and Sun Microsystems in the US and the Nordics. I am Swedish and have lived in the UK for the last 11 years.

Kristina Hagström
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2016