Krister Jönsson, Sweden

”Leadership is a critical competitive advantage in an increasingly complex & changing world”

During the past 15 years I have worked in organizations that due to rapid changes in the world had to adapt its organization to these changing conditions. The degree of success in this process of change has been in direct relation to how good the leaders and top management has been. No other factor has so much impact on results of a process of change.

I have had the privilege of working as HR Manager and HR Director of Pharmaceutical, Telecom and Energy Industries. As a member of a variety of management and executive management teams I have been part of making thousands of decisions. I have often had the role as responsible for how the team should develop and grow and have succeeded in creating high performance teams where everyone took responsibility for the whole, competition and prestige put aside, constructive criticism have been awarded and the structure of decision-making has been clear. The way to reach this stage of high achievement have often gone through leaders who were interested in getting to know themselves better and were willing to try new behaviors and they also had a genuine interest in understanding what happens in the interaction with other people.

Since 2010, I have worked with interim assignments where I helped companies drive change. I have also had ongoing coaching assignments of leaders at different levels and industries.

As of May 2015, I am a consultant at Gaia Leadership. Gaia Leadership has a leadership philosophy that attracts me, and above all, a solid, collective expertise among its consultants.

I am convinced that leadership is the single greatest competitive advantage in organizations today. This is one of the reasons that I’m now a part of Gaia Leadership!

Krister Jönsson
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2015