Kerstin Lilje Brinck, Sweden

“From the deeply personal to halving lead times.”

Why do I work with human development? Well, because I believe in the healing power of love and because the human is greater and can do infinitely more than we think. The world will become a better place if each person feels that they are a whole, composite and well-grounded individual who is creating the scope, life and results for herself that she desires. I wish to contribute to this!

Since 1994, I have worked with developing individuals, groups and organizations in different forms – everything from the deeply personal to the halving of lead-times. I have also worked as a project manager in global change projects and for a few years as the president of a company with the task of creating debate on important social issues. In my role as a conversational therapist at a health centre, I have been a psycho-social resource especially for young women and also worked with group therapy.

I am a strong-willed, purposeful person and wish to challenge others to innovation and development – always with a big heart and empathy for the person I am dealing with.
I am a consultant in organizational and leadership development, have a Bachelor’s in Human Resource Development and Labour Relations and some basic training in psychotherapy.

Kerstin Lilje Brinck
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2010