Johanna Höglund, Sweden

”Winning teams can be created when leadership is built on mutual trust, knowledge sharing, and inspiration”

My interest in leadership and the importance of good leadership for the productivity and results of individuals, teams, and organizations has always been present both in my work and in sports.
With the right leadership you can elicit extraordinary capacities in individuals as well as in teams. I believe in the strength and ability of the team and to me a credible leadership is the foundation of successful teams and organizations.

By being a credible leader where your leadership is built on mutual trust, knowledge sharing, and inspiration winning teams can be created with people that can see and understand the relationship between the parts and the wholeness and that also take responsibility for the totality. This will result in a sustainable leadership where you and your organization is acting in harmony with each other generating extraordinary results.
My main learning from both the academy and the industry is the importance of good collaboration between the parts for the whole organization to achieve optimal results.

I have a Master in engineering physics and a PhD in medicine. I have worked many years in the Life science industry within research, marketing, production and logistics. Most years have been spent in GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of General Electric which has given me many experiences from working in a global and cross-functional environment.
I have done several leadership trainings and is also a certified UGL (Development of Group and Leader) coach.
If you are curious about how you and your organisation can further succeed, please contact me at Gaia Leadership.

Johanna Höglund
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2014