Jan Boström, Sweden & China


“I try to bring together the scientist and the businessman”

I coach business leaders, generals, agency directors-general, professors, politicians and “high potentials” in the business sector. Working internationally is important for me – and currently I’m helping management groups as far afield as China, the United States and Europe. I’m also the director for the Swedish Government Offices’ leadership development programme for agency directors-general.

Throughout my life I have constantly sought new knowledge about human nature, which has given me important insights into the conditions for leadership. In my work, I try to bring together the scientist and the businessman in everyone. Don’t shy away from the meeting with the unpredictable or the ever-changing market. Instead challenge yourself to transform change into development – this is the mission of every leader. And in my capacity as a coach, I strive to be committed, highly focused and creative.

I feel passionate about developing a leadership philosophy that supports the leader to tackle the great challenges of our time – to develop his or her own personal brand of leadership in a way that allows all coworkers to develop theirs. As one of the founders of Gaia Leadership, I have laid the foundation for the Gaia Leadership concept along with many of the methods we currently use in our work.

Jan Boström
Founder of Gaia Leadership