Hans Lind, Sweden

“Supporting the challenges faced on the voyage of discovery”

I am a person who looks for new paths and opportunities. My mission is to help people discover their qualities and to further improve them. Finding people where they are, putting words to their story and supporting the challenges faced on the voyage of discovery.

Coaching is currently a major part of my work, in which managers – individually or in groups – have the chance to reflect on the challenges they face, their roles and their leadership. My customers can be found in both private business and the public sector. As a person I am inquisitive and convinced that there are always forces at work within each individual that stimulate the will to develop.

I also work with management groups to develop the organization’s vision, strategies and strengthen the group’s function, work and interaction. In addition, I run training programmes for managers on how to control and lead, how to communicate and how to prevent and manage conflicts.
I have a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology. I have acquired my skills in behavioural science from my work with people in different situations in their lives and different types of education, in fields such as psychotherapy and transaction analysis.

Hans Lind
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2011