Eva Wathén, Sweden & Finland



“Stop – reflect – grow, humanly and holistically”

I believe that life an ongoing adventure where we need breaks at regular intervals to stop and take the position of a fly on a wallpaper. Occasionally it is good to take some distance to oneself and reflect and learn how to think, act and just be as leaders, as colleagues, as family members, as whole human beings.

My passion is to get people to stretch themselves beyond their limits, to excel their strengths and to open gates for personal development. I would love to see that we are the best CEOs of our own lifes- committing to things and people that are meaningful and that serve the purpose and values we hold. It is easy to forget this when we work and live with our autopilots on. Therefore in order to grow and develop as your life CEO, we need regular stops and reminders.

We all have a cumulation of roles in our lifes. I have years’ of experience in a variety of roles as a member of 3rd generation family business entrepreneur. I recognize the challenges and opportunities of role cumulation and can affiliate with the role of emotions as an essential part of a family business decision-making processes. The family is the part of family business entrepreneurship bringing the extra flavor, sometimes with sweet essence , sometimes with sour particles. I am interested in supporting all kinds of entrepreneurs to find the best recipes for themselves and their businesses so that they can thrive from one generation to next.

I founded a Nordic branch for the family business and made it a successful operation from the very start. The 15 years I spent in Sweden running the branch offered a great learning curve both personally and for the company as a whole. My leadership style has always been engaging, involving and trusting, which I think was a big enabler of the success. I have also a strong business acumen and customer focus in my work and practise a dialogue with people and processes.

I hold a Master’s degree from the University of Surrey (UK) as well as an executive MBA from Hanken (Finland). I am a certified executive and mentor coach (ACC) and have completed many more additional studies in the field of business, self-awareness and leadership.

My customers say that I have the ability to create dreams for them. If you want to stop and reflect on your dreams, get help in your family business entrepreneurship or just get support in your lifelong adventure, do not hesitate to contact me at Gaia Leadership.

Eva Wathén
Partner at Gaia Leadership