Eva Engström Dray, Sweden

“Individual and business development need to interact to create long-term results”


Leadership plays a critical role in how successful an organization will be when undergoing change and development. Many organizations need to develop a leadership based on releasing the driving force of their employees’ desire to contribute to the big picture and take responsibility. A central task of leadership is to utilize and strengthen this momentum and link it to the organization’s objectives and way forward. The goal is to create an organization where every employee is their own leader with the ability, to act on the changes taking place in the business environment. The result is an organization that is both effective and fun to work in.


I have over 20 years of experience in strategic communications as a senior manager in large international corporations. In my leadership role, I have worked both strategically and operationally with the development of people and businesses. To build and strengthen the brand and corporate values, expedite change management and to provide support and advice to managers on communication issues were – and are – main issues on my agenda.


Communication is an important tool to influence and change in order to achieve results. The answers to many business challenges can be found by creating a communicative approach and a climate of openness, transparency, clarity and confidence in other people’s willingness and ability.


For about six years, I have been a consultant with assignments in both the private and public sectors as well as in smaller entrepreneurial companies. I have met hundreds of managers and groups in my role as a facilitator, trainer, coach and mentor. These meetings aim to facilitate a transition from a current state to a desired future position. I aspire to be a partner who will help to create awareness of change and development by exploring, challenging and inspiring new perspectives.


The human factors – relationships, motivations, feelings and attitudes – are crucial in the change process. There needs to be a dynamic interaction between individual and business performance   to create long-term, sustainable results. As a leadership consultant and coach at Gaia Leadership I want to contribute to that development.


Eva Engström Dray
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2016