Elisabeth Ahremark, Sweden

”Meet your potential”

As you meet the leader in another human being you also meet the leader in yourself. Such genuine meetings expand conceptions and ideas, create new connections and offer necessary perspectives to lead. This is one of the reasons why I facilitate such meetings, where leaders can express their challenges, successes and understandings – with the opportunity of interactive reflection. Such a process liberates energy, creativity and potential whether in the form of individual coaching or group facilitation.

A truly dynamic meeting make us aware of all the similarities in our ”battle” with life’s challenges.

At the core of Gaia Leadership is “det offensiva ledarskapet”, an almost identical model to the leadership philosophy that impregnated my work as a consultant over the last ten years. To find an actual model for what has been the very backbone of my work is a truly inspiring feeling. I am very much looking forward to sharing the ideas behind the model and to collaborate with its creators.

In this new context it is my intention to aid leaders in their aim contribute towards the success of both their business and corporate culture. With my extensive leader and consultancy experience in both communications and leader development, it is apparent how these different dimensions need to interact and enrich each other. My role as executive coach to over 700 leaders has shown me how much potential that to be released.

Elisabeth Ahremark
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2015