Christer Malm, Sweden

“Practical creativity is my perspective”

Creating results through coworker commitment, passion and participation has been crucial to my successes as a business leader. The Gaia Leadership philosophy is by far the best investment I have made during my career as President of Postgirot, HSB and SBAB.

At the SBAB annual shareholders’ meeting in the spring of 2004, I left executive management behind me. Today, I use my experience to act as a consultant to business leaders and management groups. The interaction between a board of directors and the company executive is an undervalued resource when trying to build up a successful organization. Based on my role as chairman of the board and board member of Sweden’s national theatre, Riksteatern, The Swedish Volleyball Association and the Länsförsäkringar Building Society, I see it as my mission to enhance the work of the board so that the commitment and knowledge of all the board members come to fruition.

Practical creativity is my perspective – regardless of whether I’m building a house in my spare time or trying to develop a management group at work.

Christer Malm
Consultant at Gaia Leadership since 2004