Beth Harvey, United Kingdom


“I notice what you notice”

As a coach and facilitator, I have worked with many individuals in diverse organisations. As a coach, I’m trained to “notice what you notice” and what I have noticed is that if individuals believe they can make a difference, they do.

I spent twenty years in senior roles in learning and development in retail and financial services in London, with my last in house role being Head of Learning and Development for the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange, now part of NYSE Euronext. I loved working in house and relished the development I got from being part of the team. I also appreciated the support to achieve personal goals, such as achieving a Master’s degree in Management and Organisation Development. The more senior I became, though, the more I lost touch with what I had loved about learning and development from the start. Roles became about budgets and politics rather than helping others achieve their potential.

In 1999, I set out as an independent consultant to see if I could help people do just that and transform their organisations in the process. I have had the pleasure of working as a consultant with individuals and groups in financial services, media, IT and telecommunications and the public sector, designing and delivering leadership, change and personal skills programmes and coaching managers at all levels. Those groups and individuals that have stayed with me over the years, and still bring a smile to my lips, are the ones who believed that they could make a change for the better. And mostly, they have.

So, why Gaia Leadership? It’s a chance to get back all the advantages of being part of a team while still being able to do what I enjoy most. It feels like a natural home, and like those clients I’ve loved to work with, Gaia Leadership believes it can change leadership in the world for the better. So do I.

Beth Harvey
Partner at Gaia Leadership since 2016