Berne Landgren, Sweden

“I want to be a dependable and personal sounding-board when the going gets tough”

As a leader who has been involved in major transformations, I have experienced many highly charged moments. How can I get the coworkers to see beyond the nearest stumbling blocks and dare to believe in the long-term opportunities? How do I build up their trust in their own abilities and get them to take responsibility for both their own development and that of the organization as a whole?

I left Telia’s management executive in 2000, after having headed up one of the company’s most significant change management projects – its deep change and preparation onto the stock market. Since then, I have been involved in renewal processes and development programmes in both large and small organizations as a coach, mentor and support to individual leaders and management groups on all levels.

It comes naturally to me to be enthusiastic and support people through both thick and thin. In my work, it is important for me to identify with and work very closely together with the organization I am supporting – almost as though I were employed there myself. As a result of my experience of leadership, I want to be a dependable and personal sounding-board when the going gets tough.

Creating the right conditions for individual leaders to develop personally – both in themselves and in the group – is central to my work. For me, it goes without saying that the development of the whole is the result of the growth of its individuals and that all external growth is preceded by internal evolution. The latter is true of the individual, the group and the whole organization alike.

Berne Landgren
Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2006