Anne-Marie Menzinsky, Sweden


“To lead is to communicate”

In your leadership role, you spend almost 100% to communicate. I would think that you are pretty good at it. But how aware are you of your communicative abilities really and how confident are you that you will achieve the effect you want by your communication? Often we have a huge untapped potential in this area – if you develop it – it can elevate your leadership several levels.

In the end it’s all about our results and achieving our goals. To create commitment and to have employees who want to be on the journey towards a great future and employees that enforce the issues, breaking new ground and spread joy around them.

If I say that this is something that you can influence by developing your communicative abilities, would it be interesting to know a bit more about that?

I have worked with communication in various roles in large international companies over the past 24 years. Which have included roles as Head of Communications, Head of Press and Internal Communications manager at global level. The last 3 years I have worked as a consultant in internal strategic communications and met over 500 managers around this subject and together solved issues like: How do I reach out with my message? How do I get them all on track? Why don’t they do as I say?

At Gaia Leadership I am working with education, process management , coaching and consulting in leadership development where communication is a key factor and where part and whole are intimately linked. Where every human is a leader and where the outer growth is as important as the inner.

I am a Certified NLP Business Master Practitioner and Coach in ACC level (ICF) . When you adress me, you can be sure that I am listening and will meet you in the conversation where you are. I have always the joy and energy with me as tools and it tends to be a good spark in my coaching.

I am absolutely convinced that our biggest obstacle for maximum success is ourselves. To lead others, we must first be able to lead ourselves. And communication is the leader’s most important tool.

How do you lead?

Anne-Marie Menzinsky
Partner of Gaia Leadership since 2014