Anna Wilhelmsson, Sweden

“Sustainable Leadership rests on an interest in self-knowledge and self-development”

The great favor with working as a management consultant and coach at Gaia Leadership is that every day I get to meet customers in your dreams and hard work for development, change and success.

I have a background as a manager and leader in the cultural sector and have in rehearsal rooms, boardrooms and management meetings seen the results that can be created by awakening, capturing and directing people’s creativity and desire. I have also experienced what happens when poor leadership or bad conditions create opposing forces.

At Gaia Leadership, we have the assumption that everyone is a leader. And just by putting people in touch with their motivation and creativity, I see that their own leadership can blossom. I have been a customer to Gaia Leadership for a few years and know that the perspective and philosophy they use contributes to this.

Successful and sustainable leadership rests, as I see it, in the interest of self-knowledge and self-development. In this way, you as a leader keep your curiosity and openness to others to their ideas, abilities and perspectives. This responsiveness both internally and externally will obviously need to be linked closely connected with alertness to the mission or business idea, and  to a focus on results and efficiency.

How does it work? I see that an important step that produces results is to spend more time on reflection. And also being forgiving to yourself when you do not reach all the way. Another step may be to contact me at Gaia Leadership. I’m looking forward too meet you!

Anna Wilhelmsson
Partner of Gaia Leadership since 2015