Alexander Lundberg, Sweden


“An agile way of developing organizations in large brushstrokes”

Development through relationships characterizes my way of looking at change, development and improvement. As the developer of the relationships I have met nearly 6,000 managers. Combining my experience as a psychologist and psychotherapist in trusting and crucial dialogs with my work as a  leadership and organizational consultant, with complex and agile change processes in real-life situation at the organizational level is my specialty. I have a passionate commitment to the human inner capacity and the emergent forces liberated with interest, pleasure and pride. Although much of my professional engagements include agile development of groups, organizations and leaders based on what works and do “good things better,” I am used to dealing with difficult encounters with discomfort and regulating energy. I thrive in sensitive and critical situations and I have been President and CEO myself. I coach leaders to gather courage and expertise when in change or development as well as in severe crises, conflicts or conversion processes. I mainly work with leadership and organizational development, at all levels, in companies and organizations. As an organizational consultant I’m primarily taking the role as an educator, coach and mentor to management teams, managers and leaders but also to employees in order to develop organizations in an agile way with large brush strokes. Sometimes it’s about change, sometimes it’s about efforts for the improvement and development. To work with groups has really been diverse in characters such as conflicts, change or team development. I also work with more or less sensitive studies, surveys and assessments to guide managers and management to take important and sometimes difficult decisions. I challenge and inspire people in the direct encounter, especially managers and leaders who need coaching, guidance and mentoring to both lead themself but also to lead others. Alexander Lundberg Partner in Gaia Leadership since 2013