What thoughts are worth thinking?What thoughts are worth thinking?

Is this idea worth thinking or is there a better idea, one that can help me in the situation I ‘m in right now? It is fascinating that we can control our thoughts and choose how we want to relate to things and people around us. After four days on Mastering Life Energies, a self-development course organized by Gaia Leadership in collaboration with the American coach Maria Nemeth, I have actively started to reflect on my own thoughts. I find it exciting to think about the conclusions I draw all the time and I ‘m convinced are true, and how I can question them and see if there are other conclusions that are better and that gives me more energy. After the course, I went home to my husband and we sat and talked over a glass of wine as we like to do. He put forward as one of our common “truths” or conclusions, of course, it was full of negative energy – “yes, they always do, our friends ….” By actively question the conclusion and start to explore other reasons why our friends have not been in touch, we suddenly found completely different motives and “truths” which gave us a very different energy. Now we began to find new ways that we can spend time with them and we were both full of positive emotions. Keep in mind, that it can be so simple and yet so difficult to see. But just by paying attention to ingrained track and thoughts, we can do better.

Magdalena Örtendahl Melin

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