Starting up in FinlandStarting up in Finland

Picture: From left Christina Forssell, Lennart Koskinen, Sari Vuohtoniemi from Leader & Personnel fair in Helsinki.

Gaia Leadership is expanding internationally and we opened an office in Helsinki in February. Gaia Leadership Finland is building on the long-term relationship of our clients, and has also arranged a few events in May to create awareness of us in Finland. Gaia Leadership took part in the Leader and Personnel fair in Helsinki. Building on our core messages that everyone is a leader and combining the inner driving forces of people with organizational goals, we received a lot of interest and positive feedback. There is a huge demand for new viewpoints of leadership and leadership development also in Finland.

Gaia Leadership invited our collaboration partner Dr. Maria Nemeth to Finland to lead an evening seminar to our clients and coach-colleagues on “Would it be ok if life got easier”. The participants appreciated the inspiring, fun and useful session and the new tools they got for leading themselves.

Sari Vuohtoniemi (M. Soc. Sci., B.B.A, PCC-certified coach) are the Country Director, Finland and Partner at Gaia Leadership. Her tasks include establishing Gaia Leadership in Finland and acting as a consultant and coach in client projects. Sari has an extensive experience in leadership, executive- and organisational development since 1999 in a multitude of industries, at all levels both as an external service provider and internally in large international companies, most recently at Nordea Bank.

Christina Forssell (M.Sc. Econ. PCC-certified coach) has also started as a partner at Gaia Leadership. She has a 10 year background in leadership development in a broad range of companies both in the private and public sectors. She has experiences from a variety of arenas being a former Brand Manager, Finnish national football team, and an author of books about coaching and mental training. She is a PCC-certified coach.

Christina and Sari already are working with both Management team development, coaching and executive coaching, leadership training in both business and private sector for Gaia Leadership in Finland. Please contact Sari or Christina to discuss how we can support your organization and people in Finland to liberate the potential.

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