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Do you also have a second job?

We believe one of the biggest wastes of energy and a true obstacle of organizational and personal development is the time we spend on our second job.

By second job we mean the job of trying to look good in front of others, pleasing the boss and not appearing insecure. In essence, to hide our authentic selves.

We can only go to ourselves and the moments where we find ourselves feeling accused and immediately going into defense. Or for that matter talking about what somebody else should or should not be doing, did or did not do.

Maybe you even have a third job, like we sometimes do. The dwelling on thoughts outside the now of what is wrong with me, with somebody or with something. Justifying the lack of focus on the present with explanations fuelled by irritation and frustration.

We are spending so much time on this that it is seriously getting in the way of our creativity and the pure joy of being at work. We loose touch with the magnitude of good things constantly happening around us.

Imagine for a second that next time you meet someone you think they already have all the answers. That they are whole and complete and that your job is to make them know that. That you truly trust their judgements. What kind of relationships and financial growth could you and your company then achieve?

If this interests you, perhaps we could be your partner.

Mikael Malmgren and Elisabeth Ahremark
Partners at Gaia Leadership

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