Do you want to use the best potential of your brain?

How can I be at my best regardless of what is happening around me? Constant change, ambiguous environment and faster pace at work demand ability to focus, continuous development and taking care of one’s own and others wellbeing. The challenges we are facing do not disappear by running faster and repeating the same patterns, but we need new approaches. With Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) we have achieved great results with our coaching clients as well as with small and bigger groups.

MBB is a branch of mind-body medicine, based on neuroscience research. It offers scientifically tested, clinically-proven and easy to use techniques which help us to learn to change our brain’s usual reaction to stress and challenges and think and perform at our best.
It has been developed by Stanley H. Block, MD, adjunct professor of the Utah School of Medicine together with other researchers.  In addition to being useful for anyone, it has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, overeating, insomnia associated with stress etc. It is also applicable for more severe challenges, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Recent brain research shows that stressors do not trigger stress, but instead our brain network called “default-mode network” or identity system, and its requirements. The requirements are internal rules on how the world and we should be. E.g. I need to do this perfectly, I should always be the best, I should be in control, others should treat me in a fair way, others should answer to emails within 8 hours, to name a few.  If our requirements are not met, our identity system becomes overactive, causing us stress and then our brain does not work in an optimal way.

Our bodies are often wiser than our heads in terms of letting us know how we are really doing. Have you ever noticed butterflies in your stomach, or tense shoulders before or during a challenging situation? These might be marks of overactive identity system or default mode network, just like we have a thermometer telling us when we have fever, we notice of our body tension that our brain is not working in an optimal way at that moment. Then our awareness is limited and it results in tunnel vision, making it harder for us to react appropriately, see all the more possibilities and therefore make high quality decisions. With the help of MBB tools we get our brain from default mode network into executive mode network, and therefore access to all our internal resources.

The MBB tools consist of mindfulness techniques combined with writing down cognitive maps and becoming aware of what kind of patterns and storylines our identity system is feeding us. Then we tune into our senses for a while and that way access our executive mode network, and get all our resources in use.  It is amazing how differently we think after doing that. We can think more clearly, our thoughts become more solution focused, positive, and we can get creative new ideas. Then all the needed areas of the brain are connected and in full use.

MBB exercises are easy to learn and utilize also throughout the working day.  Just like our muscles need practice, so does our brain in order to work the best possible way. MBB is a great tool to create better self-awareness, and manage ourselves. As Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking as we created them.” Using MBB we can get access to a new level of thinking, and therefore have new creative ideas and perspectives, beyond requirements towards ourselves and to the outside World.

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