Why did we choose the Pnyx [nyx] as our symbol?

In my experience as a manager and in meetings with our customers, I have experienced change projects that have led to extraordinary results. I have also experienced failures where change projects have just gone round in circles. The organization...

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Power games and leadership in the Swedish Government Offices

Former government minister, Thomas Bodström provides some interesting insights into how Sweden is governed. In his newly published book “Inifrån” [From the inside], available in Swedish, Bodström, who has also played professional football, provides some insight into the Government...

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A Perfect Match

Popular Swedish singers Oskar Linnros and Robyn have sampled their songs Dancing On My Own and Från och Med Du. Check out the fantastic result at http://youtu.be/dKtLlZ1A4yk When the two songs are combined, it is A Perfect Match –and...

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Gaia’s blog up and running

Welcome to the Gaia Leadership blog. Our idea is open a channel for discussion and reflection on leadership today and tomorrow with you. Gaia Leadership now has 21 consultants with over 500 years of experience of leadership and of...

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