Do you want to use the best potential of your brain?

How can I be at my best regardless of what is happening around me? Constant change, ambiguous environment and faster pace at work demand ability to focus, continuous development and taking care of one’s own and others wellbeing. The...

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2015-11-18 | Change, Ledarskap, Neuroleadership | 1398

Bringing global leadership to a new level in Finland

Press Release  2015-11-18 Bringing global leadership to a new level in Finland with growing consultant team Gaia Leadership, one of Scandinavia´s leading companies in leadership and organizational development is growing their business in Finland (and thereby strengthens the possibility...

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2015-11-18 | Change | 893

Leadership Development

The strive for excellence requires release of potential

My drive is to help people and organizations so find their goals and a path towards them. And to find the match between what the organization needs to develop and what the individual needs. When you find this sweet...

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2015-11-02 | Uncategorized | 885

Engagement – getting personal

Each year Gallup produces a “State of the Global Workplace Report”. The report highlights findings from Gallup’s ongoing study of workplaces in more than 140 countries. It makes grim reading. “Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work,...

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Do you cure Leadership Like Headaches?

You have a terribly headache. Pain. Agony. So you take a pill, and usually within some minutes you’re OK. You might be OK for some days even. And then it hits again. The pain. The cycle continues endlessly, and...

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Meet your potential

As you meet the leader in another human being you also meet the leader in yourself. Such genuine meetings expand conceptions and ideas, create new connections and offer necessary perspectives to lead. This is one of the reasons why...

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2015-09-06 | Uncategorized | 961

Gaia Leadership and Spark the Change

We at Gaia are delighted to be the sponsors of the Spark Award at this years Spark the Change conference in London. Spark the Change is a global community of people who believe in building better businesses and happier...

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Excellent interaction means both results and to enjoy the journey of change

The key to successfully managing change is to visualize a goal and to give each individual the opportunity and freedom to work towards the goal. My experience tells me that people strive to do their best; we all wish...

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2015-05-26 | Uncategorized | 1092

We’re only making plans for Nigel

Less XTC, more reconnecting with your “Why” I have recently been working with a senior leader at a global telecommunications company. As his coach, he was describing to me his increasing frustration towards the members of his leadership team. He...

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2015-02-16 | Uncategorized | 1315

Leadership in USA: Obama´s challenge

Each and everyone of us are dependent on the quality of the political leadership in USA. And we can learn from what we see. After the midterm elections the Republican party dominates the US Congress, the legislative body, while...

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