Humap_Gaia. Digital cocreation

Gaia Leadership & Humap Software co-creates digital services

Humap Software Ltd and Gaia Leadership AB have founded a strong partnership in Scandinavia. Humap Software helps Gaia Leadership to digitalize their services. ”When I heard, how Gaia Leadership is doing consultation, I knew immediately, that we are sharing same...

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2016-05-11 | Leadership | 1173

Develop by killing your darlings

Have you ever thought about what goodbyes do to us? How something that is so clear to us from a distance becomes harder the closer we get to the final destination? Even when we know we are on the...

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2016-04-06 | Coaching | 806

Face the truth …

The other day when I was eating lunch with my Turkish customers at a conference venue outside Istanbul it struck me how simple it is to express values, but how challenging it is sometimes to actually follow them. Our...

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2016-03-18 | Leadership | 629

leadership at its best

Together – it’s a magic feeling!

Ponder the word together for a moment – what feelings does it conjure up for you? For me, it evokes something positive, something meaningful, a pleasant, physical feeling. I think it’s something we should think about, especially now when...

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2016-02-26 | Uncategorized | 768

Catch your Dream!

During the last year, me and my colleagues have had the opportunity to listen to hundreds of personal leadership visions from people all over our globe and it´s amazing how much power it´s in finding that vision and making...

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2016-02-08 | Leadership | 748

Catharina Axling Leadership Consultant

Together we will make a difference

For about 20 years I have worked with development of individuals and organizations. It is a true privilege to be able to do that and to follow people’s journey of change. Earlier in my career I worked with reward...

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2015-12-21 | Uncategorized | 874

From outer to inner space – a Leadership perspective

”Development is not simply more and more of the same thing, it’s daring to take the step across into something new, to explore the unknown and to find the opportunities that are concealed within the challenge.” As human beings,...

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2015-12-15 | Change, Leadership, Mission, Transformation | 1203

Engagement – getting personal

Every fourth year Gallup produces a “State of the Global Workplace Report”. The report highlights findings from Gallup’s ongoing study of workplaces in more than 140 countries. It makes grim Reading. “Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at...

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2015-11-19 | Leadership, Motivation | 767

Do you want to use the best potential of your brain?

How can I be at my best regardless of what is happening around me? Constant change, ambiguous environment and faster pace at work demand ability to focus, continuous development and taking care of one’s own and others wellbeing. The...

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2015-11-18 | Change, Ledarskap, Neuroleadership | 987

Bringing global leadership to a new level in Finland

Press Release  2015-11-18 Bringing global leadership to a new level in Finland with growing consultant team Gaia Leadership, one of Scandinavia´s leading companies in leadership and organizational development is growing their business in Finland (and thereby strengthens the possibility...

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2015-11-18 | Change | 696

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