How does the leadership ratio look in your business?How does the leadership ratio look in your business?

What is it that creates success and continuous development force over time in your business? Most likely, the answer is the ability of people to be creative, to create good relationships, to find effective solutions and to develop themselves. Is it possible to long-term and sustainable produce the first three without the last one?

We see that the most important ability for a business is to create competitiveness and growth is the ability to create leaders. Now you might think that you already have a lot of managers and key people. Probably that is so, but what happens if you continue to play with the idea that every employee in the organization is a leader. A leader who sees and understands the big picture, who take responsibility for their dedication and for their own motivation, seeking solutions based on collaboration with others internally and externally and ensuring that their own development and the development of their business is made in partnership.

What does the leadership ratio in your business look like then? First think about what percentage of your bosses who you also consider leaders. Then my next question is: How does this ratio look if you now think of all employees? The third question will be how you think your business ability to create results would be affected if the ratio were changed so that more people in your business utilized more of their leadership?

We are convinced that this is the future strategic issue for today’s organizations. Of course, we talk about our own idea, but we do so on the basis of 15 years’ experience of being in the magical moments when the change occurs – when organizations, teams and individuals decide to use much more of its potential to create a future that is more attractive for them and for their customers. When the responsibility for change and future are placed in their own leadership rather than given away to someone else in the organization.

Reflect on your leadership ratio this summer – and play with the idea of ​​what would be possible if it was strengthened.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing summer!

Torbjörn Skymning
Managing Partner
Gaia Leadership

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