What would happen if everyone was a leader?

What does it mean to be a leader? Often Leadership is associated with someone managing someone else. For us Leadership is much more. First Leadership is about having an idea, an idea of what you want to create, change or be. We can have a management position, that however doesn’t make us leaders.

Leadership is energy, the waves that keep our world connected, the relations we have with ourselves and with others. Leadership starts with leading ourselves, discovering our purpose, staying true to our values, advancing our consciousness, expanding our self-awareness and becoming and being ever more present in the now. Leadership is also about vulnerability, giving without knowing that you will get anything back and to trust that your interactions and the path you choose will develop you.

But it all starts with an Idea! – What is yours?

Leadership is also about supporting others to succeed, in seeing others as heroes, being genuinely interested in others and their success. And about creating an environment that fosters all individuals to collectively and individually deliver towards or even above the goals, without fear of failure.

Further Leadership is innovation and continuous learning, always looking for new ways to continuously reinventing the way we work and how we interact and inspire ourselves internally and externally compassionately with friends, family, partners, suppliers and customers.

At Gaia Leadership we call this being a leader in all 5 dimensions of our lives and interactions.

If this sound interesting to you, we would like to meet you and maybe become your and your organisation’s partner.

Mikael Malmgren, Site Manager (mikael.malmgren@gaialeadership.com) &
Johan Grip, CEO (johan.grip@gaialeadership.com)
at Gaia Leadership

Twitter: @gaialeadership @malmgren_mikael @Grip_Johan

Do you want to read more about our view on leadership. Please download on of our White Papers. Start with the Gaia Leadership Model and please give us your input.

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