Bringing global leadership to a new level in Finland

Press Release  2015-11-18

Bringing global leadership to a new level in Finland with growing consultant team

Gaia Leadership, one of Scandinavia´s leading companies in leadership and organizational development is growing their business in Finland (and thereby strengthens the possibility for more global business and further expansion).

“It is evident that new kind of leadership is needed in the world and Finland is not an exception. Gaia Leadership has a long experience in transforming organisations and leadership so that everyone can feel to be leaders and take responsibility of the whole. We are committed to bring profound change and value to our clients. After just over one year in the Finnish market we have grown from one to six consultants. We now have many interesting customers and prospects, and I am proud to say that we can deliver a strong team to support leadership development in Finland and globally. Our people have background both in leadership roles and bringing leadership to the next level in organisations and supporting other leaders to succeed” says Sari Vuohtoniemi, CEO for Gaia Leadership Finland.

The six partners are:
Mari Hedberg is Partner, transformation consultant and executive coach at Gaia Leadership. Mari has organisation development experience for over 20 years in different types of transformation programs and change acceleration, leadership development and engagement, work environments, brain based coaching and HR.  Mari has worked with a number of industry leading organisations, including several international and multicultural corporates.

Tuija Janakka is Partner, organizational and leadership consultant and coach at Gaia Leadership. Tuija has nearly 20 years of experience in leading teams and contributing in management teams and steering groups in service and process industries. She has hands-on experience in transforming an organization with no profits and insignificant customer and employee results into an organization that excels in all the three areas. She is inspired by challenging tasks and loves to connect the dots of leadership, culture and processes.

Eeva Malmi is Partner, leadership and organizational development consultant and coach. She has worked in various HR- and business positions in financial sector and retail business. She has extensive experience in working with organizations dealing with big changes and developing new competences. Her main topics of interest include change acceleration, culture change, performance management, leadership and team development.

Jukka Mannermaa is Partner, leadership consultant and coach at Gaia Leadership. He has a strong executive background in leading business transformations at international IT companies. He is specialised in developing agile leadership, leading change and transforming the organisation Culture.

Christina Forssell is Partner, leadership coach (PCC) and mental trainer at Gaia Leadership. She has over 10 years of experience of coaching leaders and teams in a wide range of organizations: global corporations, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, as well as top athletes and coaches. Her passion is to help people to flourish and to release their full potential without compromising their sense of wellbeing. Christina’s areas of special expertise include self-leadership and coaching-skills which she has also written books about.

Sari Vuohtoniemi is Partner, an Executive and Leadership Coach (PCC) and Consultant with 15 years of experience in leadership development in the multitude of industries mostly with international companies. Her speciality is building agile leadership capability via e.g. developing self-awareness, self-management, coaching and visionary leadership, as well as developing management teams and transforming leadership cultures.

“Due to the strong growth the company has experienced since 2010 both in Sweden and in the international market, it is essential to also get new skills and experience especially in new growing markets,” says Johan Grip, CEO of the Gaia Leadership Group.

About Gaia Leadership:
Gaia Leadership is internationally active in leadership and organizational development and support organizations and individuals to achieve results on a higher level. The company was founded in 1999 and today consists of 55 consultants. In 2014 worked Gaia Leadership with over 200 companies and organizations and met with around 4000 leaders. Customers such as Atlas Copco, SEB, Stora Enso, Granlund, King and Government Offices.
We dare to claim that an organization’s capacity to compete and create value is determined by it´s capacity to create leaders Everyone is a leader!

For more information, please contact;
Sari Vuohtoniemi
Partner, CEO
Mobile: +358 41 466 60 73

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