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Gaia Leadership & Humap Software co-creates digital services

Humap Software Ltd and Gaia Leadership AB have founded a strong partnership in Scandinavia. Humap Software helps Gaia Leadership to digitalize their services. ”When I heard, how Gaia Leadership is doing consultation, I knew immediately, that we are sharing same values and practices”, says co-founder Ilkka Mäkitalo from Humap Software. ”As a former consultant I appreciate Gaia Leadership´s approach to organisational development.” ”We have been impressed, how the deep knowledge of consultation is build-in to Humap Software´s solutions”, says CEO Johan Grip from Gaia Leadership. ”Humap Software is very agile and supporting us in way other service providers could learn from.”

Gaia Leadership is focusing on management teams and large scale organisational change processes. Their consultants are very experienced leadership professionals globally with successful client work in both public and private sector.

Humap Software is a unique provider of consultation software for consultation, organizational change and learning. As a spin-off from a consultation company they can combine latest easy-to-use technology to consultation practices. Humap Software is a Finnish company and it has partners at the moment in 10 countries.

In the picture above you see Gaia Leaderships Management team together with Humap Software founders Ilka and Tapio. From left to right: Mikael Malmgren, Ilkka Makitalo, Tapio Kymalainen, Ulf Hammarmyr, Anna Wilhelmsson, Johan Grip, Sari Vuohtoniemi, Anders Platoff and Torbjörn Skymning.

Printed version of the release:



For more information, please contact:

Johan Grip, CEO, Gaia Leadership AB,, +46 70-815 99 05

Ilkka Mäkitalo, co-founder, Humap Software Ltd,, +358 50 558 6648

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