Gaia Leadership and Spark the Change

We at Gaia are delighted to be the sponsors of the Spark Award at this years Spark the Change conference in London.
Spark the Change is a global community of people who believe in building better businesses and happier workplaces. They bring together people who can transform the organisation as a whole. As they say “best businesses don’t respond to change – they create it”.
The Gaia Spark Award encourages conference attendees to move into action and to share via social media or email the ideas they have and the changes they want to make. The winner, chosen by a panel including Gaia Leadership, gets £1000 prize money, a full length article in InfoQ and the chance to share their story at Spark 2016.
Just to show the scale and significance of the award, the winners last year were GCHQ
Link to Spark2014

Spark the Change conference is an inspirational mix of case studies, workshops and impactful seminars. Topics this year ranged from a practical experience of Holography to exploring the Spotify Tribal culture; from the future and what to do about it (a superb talk by Mark Stevenson, author of An Optimist’s Tour of the Future) to ban the boss and why putting the human mess back into leadership is vital for sustainable organisations and the health of employees.

WGaiasparkWe are already looking forward to Spark 2016.


Mark Manley
Partner at Gaia Leadership

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