Excellent interaction means both results and to enjoy the journey of change

The key to successfully managing change is to visualize a goal and to give each individual the opportunity and freedom to work towards the goal. My experience tells me that people strive to do their best; we all wish to exceed expectations, feel valued and contribute to the performance of the company or the organization.

It is also important for us humans to feel secure in order to perform well in the long term. We need to be supported in making priorities and decisions in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment.

Leadership really makes a difference when it comes to creating a culture that offers a wealth of possibilities and forgives mistakes. Clarity and communication are two key components in achieving this.

My name is Åsa Severed and I am a new partner at Gaia Leadership. My background is in the manufacturing industry and media sector where I have held various management / MD positions for over 20 years.

My career has mainly consisted of implementing change, both expanding and down-sizing organizations, which has involved much collaboration and strategic work.

I am committed to improving organizations and to help lead the way through times of change by coaching leaders.

During my 12 years at TV4 (the biggest commercial TV station in Sweden) I have learned how the media sector operates, how to best deal with the media and how to achieve growth in a dynamic market. I have had the privilege to work with developing both journalist and sales teams, thereby building long term customer relations and increasing profit.

I am internationally experienced, having lived several years abroad and worked for multinational companies.

Gaia Leadership stands for values and ideas that I believe in and that I know work in practice.
I enjoy working together with my inspiring and competent colleagues since I know that excellent interaction means both results and to enjoy the journey of change.

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