Leadership Development

The strive for excellence requires release of potential

My drive is to help people and organizations so find their goals and a path towards them. And to find the match between what the organization needs to develop and what the individual needs. When you find this sweet spot extraordinary things happen!

To succeed you need to be true to yourself and that should be the simplest thing in the world. But to often there are obstacles and often that obstacle is you. The inner you that tells you that you’re not good enough, that we can’t do it or who are you to think you can succeed? I think that to be able to be a great leader you have to be aware of that and create some distance to it. To tell your inner critic: ”thanks for sharing, but I have more interesting things to focus on!” I’m busy to explore my full potential and to be as much of me as I possibly can.

For 10 years I’ve been working in an opera house where the curtains open a certain time every day and everyone needs to be ready to perform right here, right now, in front of an audience – no matter how chaotic things have been. This is for everyone – from the stage technician to the leading opera singer. There is much to learn from the focus and the ability to be absolutely present, that a theatre shivers of right there when the performance begins. In the strive for excellence there is nothing you can do but release your full potential! How can we create the same focus and concentration in other organizations? How can we create the space to deliver absolutely top notch – no matter if it regards organizations, groups or individuals?

When I met Gaia Leadership and the idea of the Gaia supplier I discovered some answers to these questions. I believe in looking upon all people as leaders. That I’m an important part of the whole and what I deliver always need to connect to that. And at the same time I have the possibility to grow as an individual. That I create the resources I need to be able to succeed. Basically, that I’m the driver of my own life. And that’s so much more fun to just be a passenger!

Jenny Nyström
Partner in Gaia Leadership since November 2015

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