Creating meaning, motivation and courage in leadership & organizational change work

My name is Virva Herlitz. For the last 25 years I have been working as a consultant within the fields of leadership development and organizational consulting. The step to Gaia Leadership is a natural progression on my professional path. Prior to joining Gaia I have held positions as a Senior Consultant and Manager  at major consulting, such as Kontura, Sinova AB and Right Management / Sinova. Also I have been running my own consultant business. Perennial employment at SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) also brought me to work in developing countries. Throughout my career I have been involved in international collaboration with consultants and clients e.g. in Finland, Great Britain, Norway and Denmark. It has all been a very inspiring part of my work experience. In addition to organizational consulting, my work experience has included business development, quality management, managerial and leadership roles in consultant business.

Academic education in behavioral  science, completed with a professional training in psychotherapy, makes the base for profound understanding and knowledge regarding human development . Systemic view to organizational development, with its appreciative, future- and opportunity oriented philosophy has laid the foundation to consulting. Indeed, I look upon organizations as organisms that seek for light and oxygen. To me organizations turn out as “ecological creations” where the parts are interdependent and hopefully in balance with one another. Every day the reconstructing  of organizational resources takes place where conversations create meaning, courage and possibilities. Developing “a sustainable self” takes “an appreciative you” to make it happen.

In the team of Gaia Leadership we believe, that The Proactive Leadership is within reach in all organizations, where the light, oxygen and energy are mutually shared and cherished. It will bring growth and success. I hope that my contribution can make a difference for leadership and interaction in your organization.

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