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Using your gut and senses to get zest for life

  Intuition, sixth sense, gut feeling and latest the use of zest in different communicative settings are themes that I have come across fairly frequently during the past few months. I was happy to receive feedback myself as someone...

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2017-11-06 | Uncategorized

cost leadership

The commercial cost of traditional leadership

So the saying goes; ‘people join a company and leave a manager’. Or maybe that’s just one of the things they tell new managers to put the fear of god into them.  The fact remains that somewhere between joining...

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leadership at its best

Together – it’s a magic feeling!

Ponder the word together for a moment – what feelings does it conjure up for you? For me, it evokes something positive, something meaningful, a pleasant, physical feeling. I think it’s something we should think about, especially now when...

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Catharina Axling Leadership Consultant

Together we will make a difference

For about 20 years I have worked with development of individuals and organizations. It is a true privilege to be able to do that and to follow people’s journey of change. Earlier in my career I worked with reward...

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2015-12-21 | Uncategorized

Leadership Development

The strive for excellence requires release of potential

My drive is to help people and organizations so find their goals and a path towards them. And to find the match between what the organization needs to develop and what the individual needs. When you find this sweet...

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2015-11-02 | Uncategorized

Meet your potential

As you meet the leader in another human being you also meet the leader in yourself. Such genuine meetings expand conceptions and ideas, create new connections and offer necessary perspectives to lead. This is one of the reasons why...

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Excellent interaction means both results and to enjoy the journey of change

The key to successfully managing change is to visualize a goal and to give each individual the opportunity and freedom to work towards the goal. My experience tells me that people strive to do their best; we all wish...

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2015-05-26 | Uncategorized

We’re only making plans for Nigel

Less XTC, more reconnecting with your “Why” I have recently been working with a senior leader at a global telecommunications company. As his coach, he was describing to me his increasing frustration towards the members of his leadership team. He...

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Leadership is using the power of diversity

Gaia Leadership meets Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General, UN Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General of United Nations, is a “worried optimist” in the face of conflicts and challenges on the global scene this autumn 2014. In his position as...

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2014-11-18 | Uncategorized

Unleashing the Energy of Creativity

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”...

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