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Are you a plus- or a minusleader?

Change is enabled with a change within oneself. It is hard to execute a true organizational change if the parameters of an equation do not hold. Good self-awareness and continuous self-reflection provide a great platform for positive change. This...

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From outer to inner space – a Leadership perspective

”Development is not simply more and more of the same thing, it’s daring to take the step across into something new, to explore the unknown and to find the opportunities that are concealed within the challenge.” As human beings,...

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Engagement – getting personal

Each year Gallup produces a “State of the Global Workplace Report”. The report highlights findings from Gallup’s ongoing study of workplaces in more than 140 countries. It makes grim reading. “Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work,...

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Do you cure Leadership Like Headaches?

You have a terribly headache. Pain. Agony. So you take a pill, and usually within some minutes you’re OK. You might be OK for some days even. And then it hits again. The pain. The cycle continues endlessly, and...

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Leadership in USA: Obama´s challenge

Each and everyone of us are dependent on the quality of the political leadership in USA. And we can learn from what we see. After the midterm elections the Republican party dominates the US Congress, the legislative body, while...

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2014-11-24 | Leadership, Mission

Give life to our purpose

In October 2013, my father John Manley MBE lost has battle against a brain tumor.  He and I never really saw eye to eye about a number of things and as a result we had an uneasy relationship. Yet...

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