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Are you a plus- or a minusleader?

Change is enabled with a change within oneself. It is hard to execute a true organizational change if the parameters of an equation do not hold. Good self-awareness and continuous self-reflection provide a great platform for positive change. This...

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HR600 Leadership

Focus on Leadership at HR600

Today, 19th of May a few hundred HR managers met at the event HR600 Leadership Quality Hotel Friends Arena in Stockholm to talk about leadership and challenges. Among the first things on the agenda was our CEO Johan Grip...

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2016-05-19 | Change, Ledarskap

How does the leadership ratio look in your business?How does the leadership ratio look in your business?

What is it that creates success and continuous development force over time in your business? Most likely, the answer is the ability of people to be creative, to create good relationships, to find effective solutions and to develop themselves....

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2014-06-23 | Leadership, Ledarskap, Ledarskap