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Are you a plus- or a minusleader?

Change is enabled with a change within oneself. It is hard to execute a true organizational change if the parameters of an equation do not hold. Good self-awareness and continuous self-reflection provide a great platform for positive change. This...

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US leadership in crisis!

Can we learn anything from the leadership of the U.S.? President Donald Trump has done two months in the most powerful job in the world. – The American society is getting exhausted as a consequence of Trump´s divisive leadership,...

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2017-03-15 | crisis, Leadership

Donald Trump

The new leadership in US

Donald Trump was elected President of United States on November 8th, 2016. A stunned world got a new leader and a new leadership. On January 20th, 2017, president elect Donald Trump wil be sworn in. But who is he?...

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2016-11-16 | Leadership, Politik


What would happen if everyone was a leader?

What does it mean to be a leader? Often Leadership is associated with someone managing someone else. For us Leadership is much more. First Leadership is about having an idea, an idea of what you want to create, change...

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2016-10-25 | energy, Leadership

Bexit leadership

A Leader in Brexitland

Hard Brexit, soft Brexit? Whether you believe the UK was right or wrong in voting to leave the EU, the reality is here. We have a deadline for the triggering of Article 50. Leaders in the UK and their...

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2016-10-06 | Brexit, Leadership

leadership second job

Do you also have a second job?

We believe one of the biggest wastes of energy and a true obstacle of organizational and personal development is the time we spend on our second job. By second job we mean the job of trying to look good...

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Negativity biased – how to break the gridlock & be happy

Negativity biased as far as we understand it involves our brain scanning the environment for danger (all the time). Since the saber-tooth tiger is gone, we instead direct our focus and attention (all the time) on other less visible...

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2016-09-05 | Change, Leadership, Values

Spark the Change

It is not so much a funny old world – more that we live in curious, challenging and exponentially changing times. It’s a time where the UK working population is about 38 million, and of these only about 6...

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leadership investment

Leadership investments a catalyst for change

Every year thousands and thousands of individuals and groups invest in leadership and talent development. This ranges from hiring an inspirational speaker, taking the team on a team building exercise, to full scale leadership courses and programs. All these...

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2016-05-26 | Leadership

Humap_Gaia. Digital cocreation

Gaia Leadership & Humap Software co-creates digital services

Humap Software Ltd and Gaia Leadership AB have founded a strong partnership in Scandinavia. Humap Software helps Gaia Leadership to digitalize their services. ”When I heard, how Gaia Leadership is doing consultation, I knew immediately, that we are sharing same...

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2016-05-11 | Leadership